Why did Spare5 remove support for iOS 7 and the iPhone 4 (not including the 4S)?

We try to avoid unnecessary change that affects our community whenever possible – so you can keep tasking on the devices that work best for you.

Unfortunately, the overall development cost of continuing to support less than 1% of our community currently using iOS 7 and/or an original iPhone 4 (again, not the 4S) is forcing us to make tradeoffs – and the tradeoff in this case is to discontinue support for this portion of Apple’s device lineup. We will be able to ship sweet new Spare5 updates to you faster once we make this change.

We are contacting you because you have used an iOS 7 device recently to task with Spare5. If your device is an iPhone 4S or newer, you will be able to keep using this device, but you need to upgrade iOS 7 to the latest iOS version your device will allow.

If you are using an iPhone 4, you will need to upgrade to a newer Apple device.Spare5 is discontinuing support for iPhone 4, and iOS 7 on any device, on or around July 31st, 2016. (An exact date is dependent on Apple's standard review and approval process.)

Of course, Webtasks remain available to everyone who can use a modern browser, like Chrome, Safari, or Edge. This change only affects our iOS app. We know forced changes like this are never cool, but they benefit the greatest number of Fives in the long run, and we hope you will stick with us as we bring you a better Spare5 with each and every future release. Onward!