How can I learn more about Spare5 and the Spare5 Community?

Spare5 has a Community Forum where Fives can ask about tasks or their accounts, or just chat with other Fives.

If you have a question about a task, how to do something on our site, or just want to learn more about your fellow Fives, Click on the Community link to start chatting.

Here are our Spare5 Community Forum Guidelines

Our Community Forums let Fives discuss Spare5 and tasking with other community members. We ask that Fives help maintain a friendly, open, and encouraging environment. Fives who violate our forum guidelines may be temporarily or permanently blocked from our forums, and from Spare5 itself.
  • Examples of prohibited activity include:
  • Commercial, promotional or other “spam” links.
  • Insulting and derogatory comments or photos directed at Spare5 or other community members.
  • Profanity, sexualized language or images, or other “unprofessional” content.
  • Harassment in the forums and through notifications.