Moderator Program Policy and Terms of Service

Moderator Program: Policy and Terms of Service

We selected you to be a Spare5 moderator not just because you submit great tasks, but because we saw that you're a people person. Those qualities make you an excellent candidate to be a Spare5 moderator.

What does it take to be a Spare5 Moderator? To get started, read this document to learn the roles and responsibilities (and the rewards).

  • Top Quality and Strong Results

You are selected for frequent tasks because we've noticed your good results, and top contribution bonuses. As a moderator, we expect you to keep up the great tasking.

  • An Eye for Detail

You have an excellent ability to understand task instructions, no matter how complicated they appear.

You also let us know about grammatical errors and discrepancies, and any other potential problems in our instruction panels.

In short, your reading comprehension is amazing, and we'd like to put it to more use.

  • You Love Helping Others

You're always willing to answering forum questions in a friendly way. You feel good when others do great in their tasks.

Standards, Policies, and Rules

Availability is a big factor in being a successful moderator. 

We hope you can be regularly active to complete your own tasks while helping answer questions from other Fives about projects or their accounts.

It's fine if you're not able to contribute as a moderator for a few days or longer, but please let us know by writing a post on the moderator sub-forum or via Slack.

Leading by Example

As a moderator, you should always set an example of what it means to be a Five.

Your good manners, attention to detail, and willingness to help others speak volumes about you, and about all of us at Spare5.

Keep that in mind when answering questions: choose your words carefully, be objective and to the point, and always be a good Five.

Spare5 Forum

Most moderator activity takes place in the Spare5 forum.

This is where you will help other Fives with their questions.

Use of the moderator sub-forum and Slack

As you will know, every topic related to the FAQ -or project- has its sub-forum, and moderators are no exception.

In the moderators' sub-forum you can interact privately between other moderators and administrators to discuss different topics.

This sub-forum is the right way to let us know if there are any inappropriate comments that should be censored or if you have any confusion with any other topic. 

If its a question about a task, you should ask the questions in the relevant sub-forum as all Fives do so, everyone in the community can learn from your questions.

This is also the place where you can report to us if any Five has asked a question outside the relevant sub-forum so that we can move it. However, we are flexible with questions within Task Talk and Basics.

Hours of operation

Our office hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm (Seattle time).

We will send you an invitation to join a Slack channel where you can write to us too.

Periodically, we will communicate with you via Slack to share notes on projects and assignments. We look forward to guiding you and helping you to improve your work and as a moderator.


One of the benefits of being a moderator is that you will receive a weekly bonus - every Thursday - for your participation in the forums.

In order to receive payments, we must see that you participate and answer questions. Otherwise, we will not issue a moderator bonus to your account.