SuperFives Program Policy and TOS

SuperFives Program Policy & Terms of Service

The Super-commandments:

1. Be active and communicative

You have been chosen as a SuperFive because you are a fast, high quality tasker. We will rely on you to do some of our highest paid priority projects, so please check-in on the SuperSlack whenever you are tasking so that you don't miss out on any updates. ( Note: if at any time you can't task, just change your Slack status.) If you are inactive on Slack for a long time without letting us know, we will have to remove your SuperFive permissions. 

2. Be  Super.

The SuperFives Program is open to a very small group of Fives who have proven to be great taskers. We want the group to remain great. Since it is a smaller group than the general Community, we will be checking your tasking very often. If your quality falls bellow our "Super-standards," we will have to remove your SuperFive permissions. ( You can always prove yourself to be "Super" again, but why miss out on all the earnings?)

3. Be a team player

Although you can thank yourself for being selected to join the SuperFives, you will thank the other SuperFives for keeping you informed and guide you in the right direction. The program has been around since late 2018, and some of our OG users are the best source of information about projects and policies. Be kind, grateful and respectful of them, and you will do just fine. 

SuperFive Project Standards, Policies and Rules:

1. SuperFive Projects contain high paying, top priority tasks with strict quality guidelines. The tasks appear on the regular Spare5 tasklist, but you must use the SuperSlack to ask questions, report errors and receive project updates.

  • SuperFive Administrators will be immediately available to support you during Seattle office hours.
  • Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm
  • Most SuperFive tasks will be active 24 hours a day until a project is complete, so you must be prepared to task without support. SuperFive moderators will also be available intermittently on the SuperSlack.   
  • Periodically, we will review your tasks and reach out via Slack with quality feedback notes to help you improve your performance.

2. Use Slack to your advantage. All SuperFive communication will be carried over Slack and every SuperFive project will have its own Slack channel. 

  • Check the pinned posts in every channel to find the most up-to-date instructions and any other relevant information.
  • Post questions about tasks in the right project channels, and avoid using DMs (direct messages). Others may share your doubts, so we want to make sure everyone can receive the answer. 
  • Post general program questions, suggestions and concerns in our public #conversations channel. We will reply as soon as possible.
  • Use the #report-an-error channel correctly to be compensated fairly for tasks lost due to site maintenance and system failures. 
  • Read #general for all SuperFive Program announcements made by mods or Spare5 administrators every day you log into Spare5.
  • #super5-fun is all yours to have fun with. But always be a good sport!

3.  Our Super5Mods (SuperFive Moderators) are here to help you solve tough questions about how to label and outline objects correctly. These can be things that aren't very clear to you in the instructions. Avoid asking about basic project rules and directions that area already clearly defined in the instructions. It is your responsibility to read all the materials available to you before you start tasking. 

4. We have an equitable payment policy. We will compensate you for technical issues that interrupt your tasking on Spare5, but you will also be held accountable for submitting tasks with errors. 

  • Most SuperFive tasks will pay you per annotation. The payment is determined by the complexity of the task, and it is subject to change according to the quality of your annotations. We may have to remove pay for tasks submitted with bad quality, fraudulent behavior, etc.
  • As a superior tasker in a particular project, you may be offered a position as a Super5Mod and a weekly bonus for helping answer other users' questions. 
  • SuperFive projects may offer additional bonuses for feedback, superb quality and velocity. These are determined on a case by case basis. 
  • Spare5 may break from time to time, and some tasks come with more app errors than others. We will pay you for the time and effort wasted on broken tasks. You can find out how to report errors correctly in the #report-an-error channel.