What are the Superfives?

It’s a bird. It’s a plane…. It’s a Super Five.

Spare5 has assembled a group of high-performing Fives with a history of delivering top quality results to take on our most important projects.
They are regular Fives who task among you, but in a super awesome way. 
We call them Superfives. 
These expert taskers communicate daily with the Spare5 Team, receive detailed feedback and are committed to meet strict quality expectations in every project. They earn the highest payouts available on Spare5. 
How do I become part of the Superfives?
Just like with Spare5 tasks and projects, you cannot request to become a Superfive.
You can join the Superfives by invitation only. The Spare5 team will select you based on your tasking history. To earn an invitation, you must task at the very top quality level in every task you receive.
What happens after you join?
Superfive status is hard to earn and isn’t guaranteed. It’s about the  quality of your tasks, not the quantity!
As a Superfive, you will earn more money and receive more feedback than ever before. But you need to produce consistently awesome results to stay in the group. 
We hope that we will be contacting you soon to join us.