What are Base Earnings and Potential Earnings in Quality Bonus Tasks?

Your daily 'Bonus Task' email will show the following information for each task: Base Earnings, Bonus Payout, and Potential Earnings.

Base Earnings is the fixed amount earned for the task. For example: if a task pays three cents plus a bonus and you complete ten tasks, your base earnings will be $0.30.

Bonus is the total bonus earned for the task.

Total is your total task earnings: Base Earnings + Bonus.

Potential Earnings is the total possible amount that you could have received if you earned the maximum possible bonus for each task. 

You can maximize your bonus by doing your best tasking. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Take your time: read the instructions, label list, and metadata descriptions carefully.
  • Zoom in on all areas of the images and make sure every qualifying object was captured.
  • Draw precise boxes and detailed outlines, and apply correct labels/metadata.
  • Carefully review tasks completed by other Fives and make corrections as needed.