How does Spare5's referral program work?

Spare5's Refer-a-Friend program makes it easy and rewarding to invite friends to join Spare5.

Have you had a great experience being part of the Spare5 Community? Would you like to tell your friends about Spare5, and earn up to $20 doing it?

Here's how it works: After you've been with Spare5 for a little while, you'll get the option to invite your friends. Each time your friend earns $10, you'll get a $2 bonus, and your friend will get an extra $1. This runs through your friend’s first 180 days or their first $100 in earnings (whichever comes first).

To invite your friends: look for a personal invite link both in the iOS app and in  Webtasks. Your friends must sign up using that link to be Spare5-linked like the BFFs you are. If the link isn't there, you might need a bit more experience on Spare5. You will be eligible to refer friends when you have received $10 in task payouts.

On your iOS device: tap on the “Invite” link in the Profile tab. 
On the web: Click on that bagel-looking thing (yep, it’s a bagel. Or maybe a donut. Something tasty.) in the upper-left corner of the page. Follow the prompts to learn more and start referring:
Grab your invite code and share that guy out via email, text, social media, or shouting it out on the bus*.
*Spare5 is not responsible for your commute suddenly being cut a bit short.