Spare5 Video: Tricks for Fixing Existing Outlines

The majority of our review and refinement tasks will ask you to fix existing outlines. 

This audio-less video shows you how to use some handy refinement techniques that will speed up your tasking experience.

Note: The outline in the video is not precise and needs a lot more refinement. Pay attention only to how we use the tools. 

Tip #1

1. Use the Select / Seleccionar tool to activate the outline and see the existing points. 

2. With the same tool, click along the border to add and move new points that will improve the geometry of the outline. 

Tip #2

1. Use the Drawing / Dibujar tool to outline a missing part of the object, (such as the left side mirror).

2. Draw the side mirror outline by connecting the first and last points to the existing car outline. 

3. Select the car and mirror outlines. 

4. Click on Merge / Unir to merge the segments into a single outline. 

We hope this helps make refining outlines easier and improves the quality of all the images your review. 

Remember that the outline in this video is not at all precise. (For starters, the tires should not be square 😅)

Thanks for being part of the Spare5 Community!