When should I report "Fraudulent Tasking?"

Spare has a Reported Problem that will let you tell us if you think you found some suspicious or rushed tasking: Fraudulent Tasking. 

Fives should use this new "Fraudulent Tasking" skip/report for "colored and highlighted annotations that were done carelessly or poorly on purpose."  We will investigate and block or ban Fives who submit these tasks.

We ask you to check colored and highlighted outlines because these are the most recent annotations in the image. 

Fraudulent tasks are not just incorrect tasks. We understand that Fives will occasionally make mistakes, and simple errors should not be reported as fraud. 
If you are not sure if a task should be reported, do not report it. It is best to complete the task and receive the payout. 
Below are examples of tasks that should be reported.
Fake, rushed tasks. These include pointless shapes, 'slicing' of good outlines, and unneeded outlines attached to good outlines.

Very rough and inaccurate outlines. These include blocky car outlines and sky outlines that include obvious non-sky areas like buildings and poles.

Small outlines even though larger outlines are still needed. This includes tiny spaces between leaves and branches.

Partial outlines instead of the full continuous area.