Why were my photos not accepted for the Photograph Common Objects task?

Thank you for trying out the Photograph Common Objects task on the Spare5 iOS app.

For the Photo Task, we are only issuing payouts for tasks that pass our review. After you submit photos they are placed in a queue for review. These reviews should happen quickly.

If a photo is rejected, the payout will be deducted from your balance. There are several reasons photos are flagged for rejection: the most common reason is lighting/shadow issues. Other reasons include: bad composition (object not fully in the image or too small), prohibited objects (license plates and people).

Rejections may be appealed once - tap-and-hold on a rejection push notification to see the Appeal This Review action. This video demonstrates the feature:

Spare5 will provide one more review of your photo and notify you with a follow-up push notification with your final decision: accepted (payment restored) or rejected (payment not restored). Allow up to 24 hours for a review to be completed.

If you would like, please watch our video for a guide to taking good photos: