Why were my photos not accepted for the Photograph Common Objects task?

Thank you for trying out the "Project Vacio" Photograph Common Objects task on the Spare5 iOS app!

You should be receiving real-time push notifications as your photos are reviewed, as well as a daily e-mail. (If you are not receiving these notifications, please check your phone/App notification settings and e-mail Spam folder.) If the photos are not accepted, we'll let you know which categories were flagged.

Image Content: the photo was flagged for one of more of the following issues.

  • Incorrect Object: The object does not match the description. For example: the category is a park bench and you photographed a regular chair. Multiples of an object are allowed.
  • Object Is Not Real: The object is a photograph of your computer screen, a toy, a drawing, etc.
  • Person's Face: the photograph features a person's face. (This does not include cartoons or other 'not real' faces.)
  • License Plate: the photograph features a vehicle's license plate. 
  • Large Logo: The object has a logo that takes up more than 20% of the object's visible area.
  • Glass, Plastic, or Transparent Object: The photo was taken through glass or plastic (such as a car window); the object is seen in clear packaging; or the object itself is transparent (except if noted in the description).

Image Composition: the photo was flagged for one of more of the following issues.

  • Object is Not Clearly the Main Object: The main object in the frame is not obvious. There is too much clutter in the image or too many other objects that could be the main focus.
  • Blocked/Off-Screen more than 20%: over 20% of the object is off-screen or blocked by another object. Important: large objects like 'Road Line' or 'Brick Wall' should not be flagged for being mostly off-screen.
  • Small Object: The object does not fill up the yellow frame. Be more lenient for very small objects.
  • Orientation is incorrect: The object is not centered, or the photo is clearly sideways or upside-down.

Image Lighting & Focus: the photo was flagged for one of more of the following issues.

  • Object is Out of Focus: the object is blurry and can not be clearly seen.
  • Bad Lighting and Glare: the object is poorly lit, or has excessive glare making the object difficult to see.

If you do not agree with the review, you can appeal. Photos may be appealed once. To appeal, tap-and-hold on a rejection push notification to see the Appeal This Review action. 

Spare5 will re-review of your photo and notify you with a follow-up push notification with your final decision: accepted (payment restored) or rejected (payment not restored). 

If you would like, please watch our video for a guide to taking good photos: