How can I make great phone survey calls?

  1. Be polite and friendly. Start your call by saying hello, and finish by thanking them for their help. If they ask why you're calling, you can say you were asked by a major website to make sure it has up-to-date details for a variety of businesses in your area. We'll let you know in the instructions just how specific you can be about who asked you to call.
  2. Speak clearly, and don't rush through questions. Having to repeat questions takes even longer.
  3. If the person answering doesn't speak English, ask if there's somebody there who speaks English.
  4. Ask the questions as they are written. Don't skip questions, assume answers, etc. Doing so may cause the task to be rejected.
  5. Put in a good-faith effort to get the information. If you're put on hold, don't hang up after ten seconds, but you don't have to wait for ten minutes.
  6. If you reach a voicemail or experience language/connection issues, use the "Problem with Call" button in the task: end the call, press Report and select the reason. Before reporting a language issue, politely ask if somebody there speaks English