Where are the tasks? How can I get more tasks?

Hello from Spare5. 

It's great that you're interested in doing more tasks!

Spare5 has a limited, and always-changing, number of tasks in a variety of Skills. 

First, be sure that you have taken all available Tutorials at least once. If you haven't, you will not be eligible to be selected to receive paid tasks.

We recommend you watch our Welcome to Spare5 Video to learn the basics about Spare5, and to learn how tasks are created and distributed.

Keep in mind that there won't always be tasks available to everybody. It is normal to have times without any available tasks. When you are selected to receive an active task, it will appear on your task list.

Some tasks are only available to Fives with a history of strong tasking in a skill. If you follow the instructions carefully and put in a good effort, you’ll be more likely to receive tasks. 

Our best advice is to take all the tutorials and qualifications we offer, opt-in for notifications, keep an eye out for new tasks on both mobile and web, and do your best whenever tasks are available. We'd love to keep giving you tasks. 

Thanks for being a part of the Spare5 Community!