Why do I see the message "No tasks of this type currently available"?

Ugh: Ghost Tasks. We know those are annoying.

There are two reasons why this can happen. One is common and normal, but the other might be an error on our end.

1) The normal situation is when we have a limited number of tasks, and many Fives trying to do them.
This often happens with Review tasks. Let's say some Fives complete tasks that now needs to be reviewed in the review task. Those Review tasks are shown as available to a large group of Fives, some of whom will not be able to access them because the available tasks were taken.
2) The other issue is a task that is completed or paused, but is still appearing on tasklists. When this happens, a Five will see there are no tasks available, and then the task will immediately reappear on the tasklist. This will happen over and over.
If you think the second one is happening, please let us know the specific task at help@spare5.com.