I received an email claiming to be from Spare5, offering task projects and asking for a cash deposit. Is this genuine?

No. Any such email is definitely not genuine and should be ignored.

All Spare5 tasks are issued to Spare5 Community members through the Spare5 website tasklist.

While we do occasionally send emails, we never assign Spare5 tasks through any third party, such as an outsourcing agency or individual. Our promotional emails are sent from MailChimp and always include sender and unsubscribe information at the bottom.

Also, we never ask for a security deposit, bank account details, a passport copy, or any other personally sensitive information. Any account information we require from you, such as your PayPal email address, will always be requested through our  secure website only. Beware phishing attacks like this! 
And if you ever have questions, wrote to us directly at help@spare5.com!