What are Training and Qualifier Tasks?

Training tasks teach you how to do a skill, and explain the requirements and goals. You will need to take Training tasks to get access to Qualifiers and paid tasks.

Training tasks will always be on your tasklist, but you only need to take them once. You can take them again if you would like more practice, but you do not have to. Retaking training tasks will not make you eligible for more tasks. We do not check your scores on these tasks.

Qualifiers test your ability to perform a task.  If you pass the qualifier, you’ll be given access to additional paid tasks of that type. 

If you do not pass the qualifier, you’ll get another chance. This might be immediately or after 48 hours. During the waiting period, the Qualifier will appear as sleeping on your task list. If you didn't pass, we recommend reading the instructions and the questions carefully.

If this is a paid Qualifier, you'll only receive a payout and XP the first time you take it.