What are Guides, Quizzes and Qualifier Tasks?

Guides are designed to help you learn about Spare5 tools and tasks, for example: our guide that shows you how the Spare5 Segmentation tools work. You can take them to familiarize yourself with our tasking tools, and to give yourself more practice. We recommend trying our Guides, but they are not required.

Guides will always be on your task list, and you can take them as many times as you'd like. However (and this is important): you don't need to keep taking them just because they're on your task list! They're there for practice and to reinforce what we're looking for in a skill, but we do not track how many times you take these tasks. We will not assign more tasks based on your Guides scores or how many times you try them.

Qualifiers test your ability in our tools and skills. They let us know what type of tasks you should receive, or even if you should receive tasks at all. We will only select you for tasks if we see that you will be able to submit them successfully, so always try your best.

Quizzes are smaller tests that teach and test your knowledge on a specific task or project. We use these to make sure you understand a new set of guidelines and instructions.