What happens to my tasks after I submit them?

Spare5 reviews all tasks for quality. We make sure that you're following the instructions and doing the task correctly.

Reviews take place after you submit a task. We have a variety of review processes, including automated reviews, manual staff reviews, and reviews by other Fives. 

Review Tasks and Refinement tasks are limited to more experienced Fives who have a history of strong tasking. 

If we find that tasks aren't being done correctly, we may not accept them, and we may not release payouts for the tasks or issue new tasks. We'll send out a message when we find problems, to give you an idea what happened and advice on how to correct the issues. We may also choose not to assign new tasks to be done, either in that skill or for any skill on Spare5. So please always do your best when submitting tasks to us.  

Okay: scary part over. It's pretty rare that we find big problems during our reviews, and most Fives submit great tasks and never have an issue.