What are the different types of tasks?

Spare5 has lots of different kinds of tasks available. 

  • Paid Tasks: Let’s call these "Capital-T" Tasks. Most Spare5 tasks are annotation tasks, where we ask you to outline, box, and label objects, like traffic lights and pedestrians, in images we provide for you. We’re constantly creating new projects and making new tasks available. We review all submitted tasks for quality, and as long as you take your time and do your best, we’ll keep assigning you new tasks. The best taskers will have the opportunity to join our SuperFives program!  
  • Qualifiers: Qualifiers test your ability to perform a task. They let us know what kind of tasks you should be selected to try, or if you should even be selected for tasks at all. We will only select you for tasks if we see that you will be able to submit them successfully, so always try your best.
  • Quizzes: Quizzes teach and test your knowledge for a specific project. We use these to make sure you understand the details of a new kind of task we're running. 
  • Guides:  Guides are designed to help you learn about Spare5 tools and tasks. You can take them to familiarize yourself with our tasking tools, and to give yourself more practice. We recommend trying our Guides, but they are not required.