Why didn’t I get paid?

There are a few reasons why you didn't get paid, or why your payout was less than you were expecting.

  1. There's an issue with your PayPal account. If for some reason PayPal denies the payout to your PayPal account, you should receive a message from Spare5. We will attempt to re-send the payment on our next payout date. You should verify your account status with PayPal directly. To make sure your PayPal information is correct with Spare5, please visit your Spare5 Payments Page.
  2. You did not have the minimum $1 in your balance. It will be carried over to the next payout period. You may also be below your adjusted minimum.
  3. We were unable to accept your tasks. During our quality reviews, we may determine that the quality of your tasks does not meet our standards, and that there have been violations of our Community Guidelines, such as speeding through tasks, overlooking or ignoring instructions, and/or not completing the full task.

    In such cases, we may choose not to accept or release payouts for those tasks. More serious or repeated violations of our Guidelines will result in the revocation of your Spare5 community membership.

    We want you to succeed as a member of our Community, so we'll try to let you know what caused tasks to be rejected, and to give you the chance to improve in the future.