Most everything you need to know about Spare5.

General Spare5 Info

How does Spare5 work? Can I get paid without a PayPal account? And more.

22 articles

Spare5 FAQ en español

Link to Preguntas frecuentes sobre Spare5 en español

2 articles

Spare5 Video Library

Helpful videos about tasks and tools, and how Fives can get started on Spare5.

5 articles

Using Drawing Tools

How do I draw Boxes and Outlines? What's the difference between Group and Merge?

8 articles


When do I get paid? Do I fill out tax forms? Is there a minimum payout? And more.

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Referral Program

How does it work? I referred some friends, so why don't I see them? And more.

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What are the different types of tasks? How can I get more tasks? And more.

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Technical Stuff

Browser compatibility, common technical issues and available workarounds.

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