Where are the tasks? How can I get more tasks?

Hello from Spare5. It's great that you're interested in doing more tasks. 

Spare5 has a limited, and always-changing, number of tasks available in a variety of Skills. A few are targeted to a specific demographic group (like men or women). All tasks are targeted to the Fives most likely to do them well.

Please keep in mind that there won't always be tasks available to everybody. When you are eligible for active tasks, they will appear on your tasklist.

If you follow the instructions carefully and put in a good effort, you’ll be more likely to receive tasks. 

If instructions aren't followed and a lot of tasks are flagged during our review process, fewer tasks will be available to you. You'll still be eligible for tasks in a skill, but specific tasks may be closed. If this happens a lot, your access to all tasks will be affected.

Our best advice is to take all the tutorials and qualifications we offer, opt-in for notifications, keep an eye out for new tasks on both mobile and web, and do your best whenever tasks are available. We'd love to keep giving you tasks.

Thanks for being a part of the Spare5 Community!

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