Why does my tasklist say "You Are Not Eligible to Receive Spare5 Tasks."?

If your tasklist reads "You Are Not Eligible to Receive Spare5 Tasks," there are two possibilities.

1. You still need to enter your PayPal information.
If this is the case, you'll see an additional message about your PayPal account, meaning that you need to connect your PayPal to your account. Go to your Spare5 Settings and click on the Paypal/E-Mail link, or click on the Connect your Paypal Account button shown on the card.

2. You are blocked from receiving Spare5 tasks. Your account may have been temporarily suspended due to tasking issues or account violations.
If your account was suspended for tasking issues, you will receive an email with details.
We may also block your account from receiving tasks due to poor tasking quality or effort, the submission of false or misleading account information, or other violations. 
You may write to support@spare5.com if you'd like more details.

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