About Mighty AI (Spare5 is still Spare5!)

We announced big news on January 10, 2017: the company behind Spare5 relaunched with a new name: Mighty AI. All the details are in our blog post, but let's cut to the chase on what you’re probably wondering: “what in blazes does this mean to me and rest of the Fives community?”

The Spare5 brand and name are staying put.
We love it and live it – and frequently wear it to work. Spare5.com is 100% dedicated to tasking, news and information for Fives. Spare5 remains available in the App Store and on the web. You can still find and follow us in the same spots on Twitter and Facebook, too. We are not changing or altering Fives' accounts, or tasking/earnings history in any way.

Spare5 & Mighty AI: What’s the Deal?
You already know us for the paid microtasks you can complete in your spare time. These microtasks usually train artificial intelligence (AI) models, which need human insights—like the ones you provide when you task—to see, hear, talk, and “think” more like us. The microtasks you complete play a critical role in what we do as a business. Relaunching the company as Mighty AI better reflects what we do.

Thank you for being part of the Spare5 community!

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